Thursday, June 9, 2011

True Blood Season 4 – Vampires United

One thing that has cropped up in the True Blood promos again and again is the notion that witches and witchcraft will be playing a large part in the HBO show’s fourth season. We all know that the vampires are going to be in the show still, but have they been pushed to background in favor of the witch storyline? How much of a focus will they get in the big scheme of things?

Reports from TV Line that the vamps are of course going to be front and center, as they are in the middle of a public relations campaign in order to repair the negative image the public has for blood suckers. Behind the wheel of this bandwagon is Nan Flanagain, who’s role was given a hefty increase and is now a regular on the series.

Obviously the witches are still going to be a big influence, and executive producer Alan Ball foreshadows events that I guessed from the trailers would become a huge problem for the vampires. With the witches able to control dead things, and vampires being essentially dead, they could control the vampires. Suddenly they don’t seem so appealing when witches are controlling them and making them kill a bunch of people. Now it seems like that’s not just something that might happen, but rather it’s a certainty.

There’s tons of stuff to check out for True Blood, and more keeps coming out each day. As always leave a comment down below with your thoughts on what’s coming in True Blood Season 4.