Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tantalizing tidbits from 'True Blood's' season 4 premiere

The fourth season of HBO’s “True Blood” kicks off on June 26 and if the premiere’s synopsis is to be believed, we’ll jump right back into season 3’s established storylines and explore new avenues with a host of new characters.

Unless you’ve been hibernating in a coffin during the show’s hiatus, you know that some of the new characters are familiar faces. I’m particularly excited about “Dexter’s” love-to-hate-her Courtney Ford and Gary Cole from “Office Space” filling the roles of Portia Bellefleur and Earl Stackhouse, respectively.

We can also look forward to a new relationship for Sam, a new friend for Tara and plenty of Alcide, who will hopefully wear as little clothing as premium cable will allow.

Eric and Bill will attempt to do damage control in the wake of Russell’s on-air meltdown, and Jason’s well-intentioned effort to protect the hillbilly werepanthers of Hotshot might come back to haunt him.

As for our favorite couples, Terry attempts to talk Arlene off a ledge by convincing her that she is not, in fact, carrying Rosemary’s Baby, and Hoyt and Jessica will learn that playing house is much more involved than picking out hand towels for the powder room. Lastly, Jesus and Lafayette will grow together in their faith by joining a coven. This bodes well for fans of the two as witches are expected to play a sizable role in season 4.

Of course, we’ll have to follow up with the much-maligned (by me) fairy plotline. We get it. Sookie’s part-fairy and fairies are a vampire delicacy. One can only hope last season’s lame “cliffhanger” will reveal that Sookie was beamed to an emergency meeting with the writers in an attempt to convince them to abandon the corny, Vaseline-smeared dream sequences with Claudine and her band of frolicking fairies.

Seriously? If I wanted to OD on glitter I’d watch “Twilight.” Let’s get back to the business of bloody badassery that we’ve come to expect from this show.

Fairies aside, there’s so much to look forward to. I’m excited, are you excited? Let’s be excited together in the comments.

HBO’s "True Blood" premieres Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m.ET/8 p.m. CT.