Friday, May 27, 2011

True Blood Season 4 – Withdrawal Tease

Watch True Blood Season 4

The only way you can say you’re not suffering from True Blood withdrawal is if you’ve never watched a single episode. There have been tons of promos released and the latest ad for the upcoming season confidently teases you with the caption of “You Know You’re Hooked,” with two bite marks where the O’s would be in hooked; blood dripping down the image from the puncture wounds. HBO knows its audience very well. It doesn’t need flashy imagery or even images of its sexy cast. It has complete 100% faith that it’s show is so addicting its fans will come running back for more.

HBO created a place where Trubies can see how other fans are dealing with their withdrawal. You can tweet your feelings away and it will pop on the page under the banner of “The Latest Withdrawal Victim.” Not a bad idea. It’s cute in how simple it is and yet it’s super effective.

Needless to say, I’m very impressed by True Blood and it’s ad campaign. I was so skeptical of the show just a couple months ago and now I can’t wait to sink my teeth (bad pun) into it and immerse myself in everything that is True Blood.

But as always I want to know what the real fans think. Do these simple, to-the-point ads get to you and feed off your addiction, or do you wish they would do something more extravagant and worthy of your attention. Sound off in the comments below and don’t you dare be shy. We’re all friends after all.