Friday, June 17, 2011

'True Blood': Rutina Wesley promises changes for Tara in season 4

If there has been a character on "True Blood" go through undeniably tragic circumstances over the past three seasons, it's been Rutina Wesley's Tara. So far, she has dealt with an alcoholic mother, a dead boyfriend, and even getting imprisoned and raped by a vampire. Whenever there does finally seem to be something good heading in her direction, it ends up getting taken away.

(Warning: the following contains minor spoilers.)

So what is going to come this time around? Speaking to TV Fanatic in a new interview, Wesley was vague when talking about the show

"We will see Tara in a whole new light. She's stronger, fiercer, and has learned how to love herself. She's calmed down a bit and we will find out what she's been up to. But eventually she will be swept back up into the world of vampires and taken on a journey she never even dreamed possible."

As for if she will finally find love this season, Wesley claims that it is "the million dollar question" but does not elaborate any further than that.

Is Tara one character you are really rooting for at this point after all she has been through?