Sunday, June 5, 2011

True Blood Season 4? HBO To Dig Into Season 3 First!

It looks like the cast of True Blood are also getting ready for the Season 4 premiere. Next Tuesday, June 7, HBO is airing a True Blood special titled “Digging Up Season 3.” The special will be going back and looking at all the best moments from last season and have the main cast comment on the events and general craziness that took place. Commentary like this is always great for the fans. Getting an actors take on a specific scene can actually be quite illuminating and bring up things you might not have even noticed. I like hearing how an actor breaks down a character’s thought process and motivations. It’s really neat. This is something you should definitely check out. The wait is hard, but HBO is doing all they can to make it easier on the fans.

With any luck, there might be some extra juicy bits of information for Season 4. I wouldn’t get my hopes too high if I were you. Just go into it expecting some good commentary about your favorite show and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be surprised with a quick teaser or sneak peek from the premiere. And if not, just keep telling yourself, “Only a month away. I can do this.” Since the cast is reliving Season 3, maybe you should too. Pop the DVDs in and refresh your memory. Do whatever you can, just don’t go crazy and start biting people. That’s too far.

“True Blood: Digging Up Season 3″ airs Tuesday, June 7 and the season premieres Sunday, June 26.