Thursday, June 2, 2011

True Blood' season 4 preview: Eric claims Sookie as his own

True Blood will return to Channel 200 in Tempe on June 26, and there is more for the fans to see before the series returns. Spoiler TV released this short preview for season four on Monday, and it focuses on Sookie and her relationships. Her relationship with Bill Compton is done, and this leaves her available for others, including Eric Northman. Fans know Bill won't give up on Sookie easily though.

In this short clip, Bill is shown talking to Sookie before someone says that Sookie needs to belong to someone or she will die. It is Eric Northman that steps up to claim Sookie in this clip. Will she let him do that? Alan Ball did also reveal that Sookie will be stuck between Bill and Eric this season, and one side will not be happy in the end. Spoiler TV reported this on Tuesday. Which side loses out? Who will Sookie choose?

Fans are ready and waiting for season four of True Blood to premiere. Here are some comments made by fans on Twitter today: