Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Start Of True Blood Season 4

If you’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms ever since True Blood series three ended, then here’s your chance for a quick fix. HBO have released an extended trailer from the first episode – and there’s supernatural action galore. But if you don’t want to know what Sookie (Anna Paquin) and co are getting up to, then look away now.

As season four starts, with an episode entitled She’s Not There, Sookie finds herself in the realm of the faeries. And it looks like a peaceful paradise, as people float around in a glow of serene loveliness and she meets her fairy godmother. That’s not the only reunion – she also bumps into her granddaddy Earl (played by Gary Cole), who mysteriously thinks he only saw her the week before, even though it’s been 20 years.

While stunning faeries pass around glowing light fruit, Sookie starts to notice things may not be as divine they seem. And when she encounters Queen Mab, who’s less than happy she may have led the vampires back into their world, things take a decidedly sinister turn.

When she tries to force Sookie to eat the fruit and she learns of their plan to ‘harvest’ humans, things turn ugly – literally. As they fight, the faeries’ masks slip and their delightful world is transformed into a desolate landscape. Sookie and Earl then face a race for their lives, as the faeries launch magic missiles to prevent them escaping.

It’s left to a weird band of ugly creatures to come to their aid, telling Sookie her only way out is to launch herself off a huge cliff and back through the portal to the human world. But just who can Sookie trust? And what will happen to her granddaddy, who wasn’t supposed to go with her?

As usual, asking more questions than it answers, this teasing trailer will no doubt have fans foaming at the mouth for more. And there’s not long to wait for US viewers, as the True Blood Season 4 starts on June 26th. Unfortunately for fans in the UK, it’s not likely to be until next year.